Alexia Goethe Arts & Co Consultancy is dedicated to advise private collectors, to develop their own art collections or start a collection that reflects their taste and budget.

Alexia Goethe Arts & Co Consultancy aims to select exclusive works of art at various price points, to commission work created by artists to meet specific customer's demand, and to assist in the intricacies of the buying and selling processes within today’s market.

In order to source specific pieces of art
Alexia Goethe Arts & Co consultancy has established connections with auction houses, galleries, private dealers and collectors both in the UK and Internationally, all the while confirming the authenticity, condition and provenance of the work.

Alexia Goethe Arts & Co Consultancy promotes emerging artists giving you access to the most exciting and relevant works on the market as well as focusing on Contemporary and Modern Masters.

Alexia Goethe Arts & Co Consultancy also offers a range of services including storage, shipping and insurance, framing, installation and lighting.

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