Matthew Burrows

Born in 1971. Lives and works in Sussex.

Matthew Burrows is an artist living and working in the UK. He studied as an undergraduate at Birmingham School of Art in 1990-93 and graduated with a Master’s Degree in painting from the Royal College of Art London in 1995. Over the course of his career he has continued to explore the relationship between the figure, story-telling and contemporary culture. Burrows’ creates images of historical and fictional characters. From the protagonists of myth to the saints of history and legend, his work attempts to find a means of picturing our complex and paradoxical relationship with desire. He has exhibited widely nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, including; artist residences at Gloucester Cathedral and The National Gallery London and a prize-winner of the Royal Over-seas League Travel Scholarship, The Hunting Art Prize and the John Moores 24 the UK’s most prestigious painting prize.

Matthew Burrows 'Put your hands together' 2010 Ink on Paper 28 x 19cm
Put Your Hands Together, 2010
Ink on Paper
28 x 19 cm

M.Burrows,'Garden Lovers' 2011 Oil on linen 120 x 90cm
Garden Lovers, 2011
Oil on Linen
120 x 90 cm

Alexander de Cadenet

Born in 1974, Lives and works in London.

Alexander de Cadenet is currently working in painting, sculpture and photography with an overlap of these media and presented within aesthetic system. His work is in exploring the sacredness and richness of life experience, and in transmuting this into art for a transcendent or special experience.

life line 2009
Life-Line 2009
Gloss paint and varnish with scratching into aluminium
150 x 300 cm

The Keyholder, 2010
Photographic print
97 x 144 cm

Hunger, 2008
Meteorite metal

Robert Fry

Born in 1980. Lives and works in London.

Robert Fry is an artist working in the UK who graduated in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University in 2002. His 1st Solo Exhibition was in 2009 at the Alexia Goethe Gallery. The same year, he took part in the group exhibition NEWSPEAK - British Art Now at The State Hermitage museum in St. Peterburg, Russia.
He since has been exhibiting in Europe and Los Angeles.

Related Study D, Acrylic, Oil, Pencil and Enamel on canvas, 175 x 145 cm, 2011
Related Study D, 2011
Acrylic, Oil, Pencil and Enamel on Canvas
175 x 145 cm

Untitled(b)-1, Acrylic,Oil, Pencil and Enamel on canvas, 198 x 163 cm, 2011
Untitled(b)-1, 2011
Acrylic, Oil, Pencil and Enamel on canvas
198 x 163 cm

Hubertus Hohenlohe

Born in 1959. Lives and works in Austria.

A great pop star, a song writer and a photographer, Hubertus Hohenlohe is always on the go.
A very prolific artist, he has mainly been exhibiting in Europe in the last years. His pictures can be described in the traditional sense not as photographs but as paintings.

Hubertus Hohenlohe,'Orange Rain', 2009, c-print on aluminium Ed.2:5 160 x 120 cm
Orange Rain, 2009
C-print on Aluminium
160 x 120 cm

Pueblos Blancos, Ed of 5, 190 x 130 cm
Pueblos Biancos, 2010
C-print on Aluminium
190 x 130 cm

Andrew Huston

Born in 1968. Lives and works in New-York, USA

Andrew Huston began introducing paintings from his iPad into his studio practice in response to the transitory nature of new media devices within our culture. The ipad has become another studio tool like the brush and canvas; in fact it can be considered a traveling studio.

In this new series developed for a solo exhibition in St. Restitut, France, Huston has combined the iPad paintings onto illuminated tablets with stones and rocks while developing sculptures and painting into a new multi-media format. Huston is interested in the beauty, silence and inert quality of the stones which contrast with the speed and luminosity of new techno-graphic paintings.

rock tablet 1-1
Piero, 2012
Illuminated tablet and rock
80 x 24 x 20 cm
Unique Piece

Valérie Jolly

Born in 1964. Lives and works in Brussels.

Valérie Jolly casts objects in sticky wet tissue paper and when the paper dries, what she peels off carries the form and marks of the original, only it is colourless and weightless. This technique enables her to capture, almost literally in the sense of “stealing”, all the details, even the most minute ones, of the original object without damaging it. She sometimes covers the surface of her tissue paper casts with pencil strokes, creating a three-dimensional drawing, as if she had sculpted the paper with the mark making.

Her work deals with the ideas of liminality, of impermanence, of presence/absence. It questions the nature of things, of what is reality or perceived as such.

Priere de Toucher-1HD
Priére de Toucher, 2011
Tissue paper, water, PVA
39.5 x 26 x 6.5 cm

Laugh Out Loud (Memento Mori) - (Pink), 2010
Tissue paper, water, PVA
21 x 14 x 15 cm

Re-Collection III
Re-Collection III, 2009
Tissue paper, water, PVA
85 x 38 cm

Sheila Pye

Born in 1978. Lives and works in Spain.

Hervé Saint Hélier

Born in 1969. Lives and works in Paris and New-York


2008 VOYAGE, Malborough graphics, New-York, USA
2005 ETOILES ET VILLES, Gallery ES, produced by Yukari-art inc., Tokyo, Japan
2002 COULEUR, Nobu White Room, Vanessa Suchar, London, UK
2001/02 VOYAGES URBAINS, Galerie R&L Beaubourg, Paris, France


2010/11 Pop Hymns with the American's peers and the Young British Generation, Alexia Goethe Gallery, London, UK
Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille, France
2009 ART CHICAGO, Marlborough Graphics New York, Chicago, USA
ARMORY SHOW, Marlborough Graphics, New York, USA
INK art fair, Marlborough Graphics New York (Miami, USA)
2008 Marlborough Graphics, New York, USA
Galeria Marlborough, Madrid, Spain
Galerie Van Der Straeten, Paris, France
ART CHICAGO, Marlborough Graphics New York, Chicago, USA
2007 INK art fair, Marlborough Graphics New York, Miami, USA
Marlborough Graphics, New York, USA
2006/07 STORY, Alexia Goethe Gallery London, UK
SLICK 01, Vanessa Suchar, Paris, France
2005 L’OEIL EN SEYNE, L’AIR, Villa Tamaris, La Seyne-sur-Mer, France
ERRANCES URBAINES, ARLES 2005, Le Off du Off au couvent, Arles, France
ART PARIS, Galerie R&L Beaubourg, Paris, France
2003/04 Toutazeunetri, Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris, France
SCOPE MIAMI, Vanessa Suchar, Miami, USA
PARIS PHOTO, Galerie Thierry Marlat, Paris, France
MUSE, Galeri Tangsi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ART PARIS, Galerie R&L Beaugourg, Paris, France
CHAMBRE 305, Gallery Hotel Art, Florence, Italy
ART PARIS, Galerie R&L Beaubourg, Paris, France
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2001 JOLIS MôMES, Galerie ACTE 2, Paris, France
TEMPÊTE SOUS UN CRÂNE, Galerie Valérie Cueto, Paris, France
FACE à FACE, Galerie R&L Beaubourg, Paris, France
BLANC, Galerie Valérie Cueto, Paris, France
LE SALON FOR ART COLLECTORS, Vanessa Suchar, London, New York
2000 ROUGE, Galerie Valérie Cueto, Paris, France
ARGOS PROJECT, Vevey, Switzerland
NARCISSE BLESSÉ, Galerie Passage de Retz, Paris, France


2008 "Phototropisme", portfolio limited edition by Higgins publisher, Paris, France
2002 "Toit du monde", published by Lars Muller publishers, Zurich, Switzerland
2001 "Voyages urbains", Catalogue published by Galerie Rachlin Lemarié Beaubourg, Paris, France

Extraits…Voyage onirique, Sabrina Mitre.

« ..Hervé Saint-Hélier entame sa carrière de photographe en 1989. Attentif au monde, il aime voyager et transcrire l'instant qui l’émeut et capte son regard.
Privilégiant l'expérience directe, il réalise ses photographies avec une prédilection pour les détails du quotidien qui font le tissu ordinaire d’une ville, d’un peuple, d’un paysage. Muni d’un matériel photographique traditionnel, doté d’une excellente connaissance technique et d’une étonnante sensibilité aux fréquences lumineuses dont il utilise la palette vibratoire, Hervé Saint-Hélier s’aventure inlassablement sur les sentiers de tous les continents à la recherche de phénomènes visuels dont il pressent l’avènement.
Ses images s’offrent à nous comme des perceptions d’une réalité intemporelle. Le photographe se fait alors voyageur de l’intime sa photographie devenant le réceptacle de toute notre réalité, à la fois tangible et imaginaire, superficielle et essentielle, fugace et éternelle, personnelle et universelle.

Hervé Saint-Hélier est actuellement représenté par la Marlborough Gallery New York. »

85 Mon Ange, printemps 2001 by Herve Saint-Helier
85 Mon ange, Printemps 2001, 2001
Photographic print

128 Une Visite,ete 1999 by Herve Saint-Helier-1
128 Une visite, été 1999, 1999
Photographic print

.Edmund Halley
196 Edmund Halley visitant Londre l'été 2004, 2004
Photographic print
138 x 92 cm

185 Incandescence Printemps 2002, 2002
Photographic print
138 x 92 cm

Lionel Scoccimaro

Born in 1973. Lives and works in Marseille.

Lionel Scoccimaro is not a photographer, which is what makes his photographic work so interesting.

In actual fact, he is more than a photographer. If he appears to sculpt the image, it is to take the medium of photography even further. He uses this to explore territories that are new, underground, virgin or charted by other pioneers. He is not content merely to display his use and command of all of the established rules of traditional photography. He seeks to go beyond technique, to give himself something to say and to give us something to see. He then amuses himself with these clichés like a child of post-modernism, or like an old classic well versed in all the avant-gardes, and vice versa.
His desire to make the familiar unfamiliar enables one to find in his work mischievous and vibrant octogenarians, young scantily-clad girls, anonymously famous beaches on the other side of the world, paintings by masters, a wrestler, lost dentures, two incredible film directors, lascivious sculptures, masses of bubbles, or nothing more than a cigarette. For him, it is a voyage in the form of a daily journey, like a routine, magical, of which one would never tire. It is out of the ordinary.

56 - oct
Les octodégénérés Annexe 7, 2005
Lambda print mounted on Dibond
120 x 80 cm

Soliflor, 2010
Resin, aluminium car paint and varnish
180 x 120 x 120 cm


Claudia Sorbac

Born in 1961. Lives and works in Vaucresson, France.

Claudia Sorbac has dedicated herself to photography since 1992, traveling throughout South America, Cuba and Central America in order to do personal documentary photography at the end of the 90's.
She has been exhibited her works in France and North America since 2001.


"Ce genre littéraire appelé également presse de coeur, presse féminine populaire, a été diffusé à des millions d’exemplaires et a eu son apogée dans les années 70 .
On peut parler de «phénomène latin» car le roman-photo est présent dans des nombreux magazines italiens, français, espagnols, portugais, grecs et en Amérique Latine, et une absence quasi totale dans les pays anglo-saxons.
Dans ce récit sentimental en images on retrouve, l’amour impossible,la passion ,le rêve,le désir,la séduction mais également la frivolité, la trahison, la jalousie,l’intrigue amoureuse ;pas de sexe, pas de politique, pas de violence et un happy end, morale traditionnelle de rigueur et mariage en vue, voilà la recette de cette presse de coeur . C’est un éloge à l’amour sentimental qui épouse les tendances fondamentales de la société moderne.

Avec ce travail photographique « FOTONOVELAS» j’ai voulu donner un deuxième souffle à ces images populaires,un nouveau clin d’oeil actuelle à ce que fut un récit sentimental en images, un univers qui a fait partie de mon adolescence passé à Rome et Paris. J’ai voulu faire renaître ces héroines en donnant aux photos choisies une nouvelle interprétation contemporaine , lié au Pop Art, avec les influences d’un Roy Lichtenstein, d’un Andy Warhol.

Je n’ai pas échappé à son sortilège." - Claudia Sorbac

Sin embargo es la realid007maq
Sin embargo es la realidad, 2012
C-Print on Aluminium and Diasec
Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Adios amor mio (a)
Adios amor mio, 2012
C-Print on Aluminium and Diasec
Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Si te dijera que
Si te dijera que, 2012
C-Print on Aluminium and Diasec
Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Jacques Villeglé

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